Unlimited Leads Challenge

Unlimited Leads Challenge from Justin Sardi is the latest launch that provides an inside look and detailed plan for generating leads inside your digital marketing business. 

Regardless of the type of approach your taking, leads are key to any business model. 

Given that Youtube has grown leaps and bounds in the past years, it's shaped up to be one of the best resources for getting quality leads at an affordable rate. 

One of the reasons is because of what people are using Youtube for. 

Youtube has become the # 2 search engine in the world right behind Google and the people turning to the video platform are doing more than socializing or watching funny videos. 

Often, people are turning to Youtube in an effort to learn how to do something. 

This can be something for business, work, hobby, remodeling or learning about how to start a new business. 

The great part about Youtube is the ad platform. 

It allows you to get in front of the exact audience that you can sell your products, services, and yes even affiliate marketing products too which is why the importance for the new upcoming Unlimited Leads Challenge review and bonus from Derek Pierce. 

Launch Details about Unlimited Leads Challenge

That's why Justin Sardi is rolling out a new 14 day challenge called the Unlimited Leads Challenge. 

The shopping cart will open on December 1 and will run through December 4th.

This challenge will give users the ability to orchestrate a plan, drive traffic, and build a solid leadflow that allows them to build a business that can be operated from anywhere in the world. 

The reason this is so effective is because of the intent behind the Youtube users to begin with along with the advanced targeting options that is allowed inside the ad platform. 

Using Youtube ads, you can 

  • Target users from your existing sites
  • Target users that have watched a video on your Youtube channel
  • Target users that have watched a competitor's video
  • Run ads without having to use videos
  • And have ad sequencing to your targets

Many are moving beyond the Facebook ad platform to join Youtube because it's growing in size and the customers are often better because they're not being interrupted but being displayed relevant content. 

For more details and to see if the Unlimited Leads Challenge is for you, visit the following:



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