I have Page One Plugin 1 and I'm needing to upgrade to version 2.0

The 2.0 version is a paid update as this version was a complete re-work of the plugin and added a lot of new features.

If you received the Page One Plugin as part of our Page One Syndication SEO Video course, you will need to purchase the latest version to upgrade. 


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    John Reed

    Ok, I admit I was a bit disappointed at having to find $33 but there was no way I was going to miss v2 - bought it.

    Now, do I have to uninstall v1.0 before I can use v2.0 ??



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    Adryenn Ashley

    I'm very dissapointed, I am certain that the developers package I bought included updates. The plugin is saying there is an update but there is no download at the link that it is telling wordpress to pull from.  I just purchased the 1.0 version, so if it doesn't update to 2.0 I'd prefer a refund. I feel that should have been disclosed when I bought since I am certain that in the sales presentation it was indicated that there was a forthcoming update. 

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    Adryenn Ashley

    OK, I'm blonde. I bought 2.0. please add a login page, it was super hard for me to find my details.

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